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How To Choose Your Website Designer With A Limited Budget
By Kenny Hughes

Designing a great website for your business is a mixture of artistic flair with a high level of technical skill, and is something small businesses have a confusing choice over.
With so many web design agencies to choose from, and with many talented individuals offering their services, it’s no wonder so many small businesses get confused.
Many small businesses opt to go it alone, and try to produce their own website.
This can lead to a disastrous and expensive mistake.
When this happens, the driving factor in many cases, is the high cost of hiring a web design company in a major city.

Web design companies located in a major city incur expensive property costs and thus expensive web design company costs.
Therefore, many smaller businesses find that they simply cannot afford to hire a web development
agency that will produce a website that is not only pleasing on the eye, but also technically functional
and compliant with today’s standards.
Small businesses that decide to take a chance by designing and publishing their own website often fail to produce the results that they would really like, and find that they need to compromise on both their desired look, and their website functions and features.

Forunately, freelance designers, and small, out of town, web design companies offer affordable options.
If you are a small business owner and are not able to afford a “Big City” web development agency due to the expensive overheads that these agencies carry, do not give up hope.
Make sure that you shop around, and look for both freelance, and the smaller, out of town companies who could deliver the design, functionality, and features you have always wanted for your own small business website without stretching your budget.
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Attributes of Effective Landing Pages
By Tara Hornor

Landing pages are carefully designed destinations for visitors who click on advertisements, promotions, or product listings.
Effective landing pages have been refined and polished through dozens of iterations. Less persuasive landing pages are designed solely on hunches and opinions instead of rigorous testing. In lieu of a proper landing page, some advertisements simply lead customers to an unrefined home page, which is rarely effective, and often falls short of expectations of the original advertisement.

A landing page has a singular goal: to compel you to complete an action, which is usually called a “conversion” in marketing terms. Quality landing pages should be easy to understand and should make it exceedingly simple to go to the next step.
Article Source: http://designfestival.com/10-landing-page-reviews


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