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        SELF is a Substance-free, Everyday, Living, Family.

Functioning as a substance free family, SELF LLC (SELF) provides all persons in addiction recovery the short term support they need to live happier, healthier lives when they leave. If you seek Sober Living Colorado, SELF is the place for you.

SELF prides itself on providing that safe, structured, living environment after one has received initial treatment and starts their long term recovery living. We want SELF family members to leave with confidence and the self-esteem that they can now face the outside world along with its continuing challenges that will surely come. SELF advocates, reinforces and practices the 12 step method. Meetings are required.

SELF is a pure substance free home. We are not affiliated with any IOP. SELF family members will be reminded daily they "Own their Own Recovery". The goal being to assist SELF family members to develop a strong foundation of habit patterns including personal hygiene, daily house chores, cooking, and small but important things like making their bed daily and keeping room clutter to a minimum. Surprisingly many have never been taught these life skills. But, Sober Living Colorado will provide these skills and more.